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Sunday, April 26, 2009
I haven't had this much fun in one weekend in a very long time. Oh, don't get me wrong. I've had plenty of fun weekends in the past few years. But this one stands out. Let's see. Well...

Friday: Karaoke day at work. As part of thanking our employees, we had karaoke in the conference room starting at noon. I heard it ended at 10:00pm. But I had left by then. I never knew that karaoke could be cardio. But it was. The team had so much fun. Laughs shared by all. I think everyone had a blast. Some were pissed about the loud music. But that even made it more of a blast.

But WAIT!!!! There's more. I attended a birthday party that evening. At 8:00pm. A karaoke birthday party. Let's just say that work was a warm-up.

Saturday: Taught my fitness classes and lunch with the man. Then, I went shopping for shorts. AND I bought some. WTF?!?!?!!?? I bought two pairs. I think I look cute in them. Then again, who buys anything without thinking they look cute in it? Probably the same people who are pissed about loud the loud music.

But WAIT!!! There's more. I attended another birthday party that evening. At 7:00pm. A ten-course birthday banquet at Amazing 66 in Chinatown. It's all that you think and more. Then, off to Therapy for a drink-fest and dancing. Didn't know that Therapy installed a dance floor upstairs. Nice surprise. Now, all they need is a good DJ. Had fun with the boys. It reminded me of when I used to make the party rounds. Even made new friends. Friends who used to make the party rounds. We may be doing this again soon.

Sunday: Had to work all day. Boo.

But WAIT!!! They had ramps. And I sauteed them with shitake mushrooms. Tossed them over some whole wheat pasta. Mmmmm mmmm good.

And now... I am exhausted. But feeling great. I think this may be a good summer. Later.
Thursday, April 23, 2009
The partner and I are in the middle of our week-long-vacations-every-month-until-June tour. We just returned from (almost) a week in North Carolina (for his cousin's wedding) and Savannah (for the hell of it). Let's just say that I have had enough of the South for a while. A very long while.

This vacation reminded me of the fishbowl I live in. Where do I start? Well, how about I bullet point things just for clarity? Mmmmkay...
On most vacations, the partner and I tend to find something that may one day draw us back. Or even something that makes us think living there would be nice. Not on this one. We're glad to be back home. Later.
Sunday, April 12, 2009
Sometimes, I hate going to Broadway musicals. Not because I think they will suck. But because I sit there and think about how I should have been a performer. And today was no different. I went to see Billy Elliott. I laughed. I cried. It was WAY better than Cats.

I enjoyed it so much that I want to take tap dancing lessons. I went with a bunch of folks and ended up not sitting next to Mike. He said that he felt bad because he knew I would be very emotional about the fact that the story was about a boy being held back from performing. I still blame my mother to this day.

I suggest you all go see it. It isn't cheap. But I think it is worth it. Trent Kowalik was great as Billy. But the highlight of the show, for me, was him and her. Later.
Tuesday, April 07, 2009
It just turned midnight and here I am typing this. I have to be up at 5:00am and I am not even mildly sleepy. I have a store function that I have to attend at 6:30am. I plan on getting my breakfast, sitting in the back, and basically be present. Not aware. Just present.

I was going to say that I at least get out early but for some reason, I set up an appointment at 4:00pm for a volunteer gig. Fuck me. Maybe I'll bring my workout gear and attend a gym near where my appointment is. Maybe I'll just walk home.

I am a bit wary about this volunteer gig. I am actually going in to be interviewed to see if I am suitable for it. Here's the thing: the person who I have been in contact with seems a bit... well, not so friendly. The emails have been curt and almost commanding. It won't be the first time I have dealt with mean volunteer coordinators. Not sure why they have to be mean. It's not like you are paying me. I have walked out of a volunteer situation because of the attitude. My final line was "If I leave, I'll still be making the same money." I then turned on my heel, tossed my hair back, and gave her the hand. Ok, I didn't do that but I should have. If only I had hair.

Anyway, here I still am. Typing away. I am going to brush my teeth and lie down in hopes of falling asleep. Here's to hoping. Later.
Thursday, April 02, 2009
Like many people out there, work has become... well, work. I had a talk about it with the person I work for. Who I am not currently enamored with. Actually, I used to be a big supporter. Not so much, anymore. It's sad. Sad because I hate when I catch people in a blatant lie. But it's fine. You're just trying to do you. So do you. Just let me do me. Even when I am down. What I really hate is that I had been warned. Live and learn. Not sure what to do next. But I ain't stupid.

I find it very interesting that people I work with have a hard time seeing me down. I tend to be the cheerleader of the team. The person who finds joy in everything and anything. So, when I am at the low part of my cycle, people can see a difference. What irritates me is that I am often not just left alone to let the cycle pass.

I am not sure why people feel that they need to keep me happy. Or figure out how to. It's not like I am in charge or anything like that. I would not even classify myself as essential. More periphery. But I guess I affect enough people that when I am down, they all feel it. I should listen more to what people ask me. In retrospect, I need to listen to people who I respect. There aren't that many anymore. But whatever. As I told my superior, even at what I consider below average, I still am better than 95% of my peers.

You see, I aim for very, very high standards. I've been told I need to understand that what I consider average is considered high. I've actually been told that I may need to lower my standards. Great. I would understand if they actually even aimed for average. Problem is I don't see them even aiming. Including who I work for. So, when I pull back and away from taking on things that I am not supposed to, some people perceive it as disconnecting. Fine. Take it as you want. But I am still one of the best at what I do. Ask around.

But I need to learn to do 'my" job. And not worry about the rest. It'll take some time. But I need to. So, here I am. Ready. Set. Go.
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