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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
I know that in every corporation, politics exists. I just wonder why we even bother to hide it.

One of the things that happens often at the business I work in is this: a position opens up, the person in charge of filling that position knows exactly who they want, everyone involved in the process wants that person too, a posting for the position goes up, several people apply, three get an interview, the person who everybody thought was going to get it does get it, one of the other two candidates are perfect for the vacated spot, but they have to go through the interview process again for the vacated spot.

Waste of time? Absolutely.

Just put the first person in the open position and interview for the position that is vacated. Time saved? Absolutely.

I understand that "technically", we have to post for the open position. And "technically", we have to grant interviews. And "technically", we have to do what is fair.

But "technically", aren't we trying to save money and not waste it? Absolutely.

Monday, November 26, 2007
I left work early today because I am battling some sinus pressure. I woke up this morning with it but had to go to work for an appointment I could not cancel. I thought that I would head to the gym to do some cardio and sit in the steam room to see if it would relieve the pressure. It did slightly but I am still feeling some slight pressure. Hopefully this juicy Beaujolais Nouveau will help. I'll try washing down some of those holistic pills with it. Maybe that will help.

I can't remember the last time I wrote anything about the gym. I started this blog because of it. But, thankfully, it has become more than just about my gym existence. But, yesterday, I ran into one of my old step class groupies. It was like running into an old friend. Kiss kiss hug hug. After I stopped teaching step, I would see her at the NYSC on Broadway between 93rd and 94th. She mentioned that she had not seen me there in a long time. I mentioned that I no longer go to that location because I prefer the 73rd and CPW one. She said that she too had given up on the 94th one and decided to go to the 80th Street one instead. We both agreed that we were tired of the filthy gym and the ghetto staff & clients that went to it. I just got tired of people screaming at their clients and at each other across the gym floor. It was such an intrusion to my workout that I decided to go to a different location. I wonder if they have the same problem at Equinox?

A big plus about 73rd Street is the eye candy. It's much more interesting than any of the boys at 94th.. Not that I flirt or hook up with anyone. But it is more fun to work out somewhere that is visually stimulating. I even find the manager very cute. The two drawbacks of the place are that the layout of the gym is a bit confusing (until you get used to it) and the men's locker room, although immaculate, seems to be permanently kept at a temperature of 85 degF. They have tried and, today, were trying to fix the problem. I hope they will. But, if I don't have to listen to loud ghetto people screaming on the floor, count me in.

Saturday, November 24, 2007
Why must my Thanksgiving meal consist of the following:

Roast turkey and gravy
Traditional bread stuffing
Shredded sweet potatoes with raisins
Green Beans
Cranberry Sauce
White bread rolls

I would rather have:

Roast turkey breast with herbed butter under the skin
Mixed mushroom ragout
Braised savoy cabbage with crispy pork belly
Rustic smashed red bliss potatoes
Green salad with a lemon vinaigrette
Pickled shredded vegetables

The one thing I did like at my Thanksgiving dinner was the sweet potato pie. Truthfully, the turkey was quite tasty, so I had a second helping. The rest, I skipped. This may have been the first Thanksgiving dinner where I did not go back for seconds. I just find it all just old and tiring.

Which is probably why I came back early. Later.
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
I get so irritated when I hear somebody complain of their "unsightly gut" when they post pictures of their half-naked body that shows no sign of their "unsightly gut". I find it sad that someone who has an obviously-gym-sculpted body chooses to point out the "unsightly gut" that he does not have. It makes me think that he just wants some sort of attention. I came across this person's blog and found his views of himself disconcerting.

I certainly do not consider myself anywhere near a perfect body. Certainly, I have my own body image issues. But "unsightly" would not be a word I would choose to describe myself. For someone my age who has wrestled with weight since forever, I feel that I have done well. I continue to stay in shape and am proud to have a healthy outlook on my physique. I wish that blogger had the same outlook on his quite beautiful physique. I hate that he used the term "unsightly". They say that you hate in others what you hate in you. Probably.

Because, I hate that he has a strong dislike for what he considers his flaw. I hate that he uses a strong word for his own body. I hate that the word is meant to degrade his physique. I hate that he does not feel more positive about his "unsightly gut". And I hate that it seems that he overlooks the rest of his gorgeous body because of that one thing. Later.
Thursday, November 08, 2007
Pork belly.

Most people cringe when they hear those two words. Thankfully, I'm not most people.

I love... no... adore... no... CRAVE pork belly. In the past ten weeks, I have gone through almost eight pounds of it. I always roast it in the oven. Most times, I cut it into bite-size pieces, toss it with salt, black pepper, and crushed garlic. Throw it into a 400 degF oven. Roast until brown and crisp. Today, I kept the entire belly intact, scored the fat/skin side, rubbed it with a mix of freshly ground coriander seed, caraway seed, black pepper, minced garlic, and salt. Threw it into a 400 degF oven. Roasted until the spice mix intermingled with the fat layer to create a crisp skin. Let it rest out of the oven. Chopped it up. Serve.

It was heavenly. Especially with some black bean/olive stew on some hot white rice.

Mike tends to eat only the lean part of the pork belly. He pulls the fat off a piece and consumes the lean meat. He leaves the fat and rind for me to eat later. I find that funny because the whole point of pork belly is the fatty layer that separates the rind from the meat. It's the part that all true food lovers look for. It's the contrast of textures, mixed in with the flavors, that creates a harmony that makes every truly food-obsessed person weak in the knees.

I always know if I am in the presence of someone who is a true food lover. I'm not talking about someone who likes ordering the weird thing on the menu. Or eating at different restaurants. Or experimenting with the latest hip ingredient. I am talking about the type of person who would rather stay home to cook because nothing they can order can be better than what they can create right now. The type of person who can make a meal for one or 21 with the same passion. The type of person that never worries about balanced meals but has them anyway. They type of person who thinks that the cook's best utensil isn't in a drawer but at the end of his arms. The type of person who has their own personal way of cooking pork belly. And can't wait to share it with others.

That is a true food lover. Later.
Wednesday, November 07, 2007
I've decided that Happy Hour really isn't really that good a thing. I mean, the intentions are meant well - buy one, get one free. But, who really just buys one? I always at least buy two... which is really four... and then I feel like I have a bit more cash left, so I buy a third with the idea of giving the free one that comes with that to the friend that I am with. It sounds like a good idea but, think about it, I am imbibing my fifth cocktail. Which, despite my high tolerance for alcohol, is not really that good a thing.

Unless, you are a drunk. And poor. Or cheap. Think about it. Later.
Thursday, November 01, 2007
One of the blogs that I read belongs to a friend of mine who is driving cross-country. I told her that the last three people I know who drove cross-country left one coast heterosexual and arrived at the other not-so-heterosexual. I'm just saying. Later.
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