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Tuesday, December 29, 2009
I'm about to turn 40. This is not a post about fearing that fact. I don't. I actually feel more in control at this age than any other. But that's not what I am here to talk about.

I had planned to go to Paris for a week for my 40th birthday. Then it became New Zealand. That was almost a go. But things happen. Not bad things. At all. But it's not in the cards right now. But that's not what I am here to talk about.

What I am here to talk about is what I want to do on my birthday. Since I love food, it would make sense to go to a restaurant I have always wanted to go to. Here's the thing: there isn't one that I am dying to go to. Because I have been to most of the ones that immediately come to mind.

I had thought of Nobu but they either have early or late reservations. And I am not about that. I could always default to a Jean-Georges restaurant. But I have been to all the ones I really want to go to. All the other "high-end" ones just seem too expensive for what they really are.

So, I am stuck. Where the hell do I go for my 40th birthday? I want it to just be me and my partner of almost 12 years. But where, oh where, do I go? I'm sure I will figure it out. But it's getting close and reservations get more difficult to acquire as I get closer to the date.

Wouldn't it be funny if we just ended up at a noodle bar? Eh, not really. Where? Help. Later.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
It's inevitable that you grow older. We don't necessarily grow wiser but whether we accept it or not, we become a lot more introspective. One can hope that with all that thinking, we can look back on our life and acknowledge things that happened.

I will admit that high school for me was not the best. In retrospect, I hated it. I can't imagine how horrid it could be nowadays but I guess it all depends on one's perspective. I would never want to go back to those years. I was glad to leave it behind. I was glad to leave Liverpool, New York. I have often looked back on those years and considered a big waste of my time. I vacillated between admitting and denying my feelings. Until recently.

I still think my high school years were just a vacuum that sucked up the positive. Mostly.

Thanks to Facebook, I have reconnected with someone from those years. One of the few who were friendly to me. Friendly to the new kid from Africa. One of the few who treated me with some respect and dignity. We've chatted a lot recently. We share quite a lot in common. And, it seems like we will continue to do so.

I don't know what I was looking for in finding a connection with someone from my high school. Someone from my class. Maybe in a few more years, I will understand. But for now, it feels good to be able to talk to someone who I feel is on the same "wavelength" as me. I can almost guarantee that the next time we meet, we'll have tons to talk about. I'll hang on to that positive note. Another thing growing older has made me do. Later
Monday, December 07, 2009
I'm going to say it.

It'll make me sound like a geek.

Actually... more like a Gleek.

This Wednesday is the last episode for the year. And it won't be back until April. I am on the verge of breaking down. Do you understand me Fox. Breaking the fuck down. How the hell am I going to cope?!?!?!

Ok. Fine. I'll get the new soundtrack. It'll tide me over for about a month. That puts me into January. Then what?

I know I am supposed to be in New Zealand during the last week of February into the second week of March. Fine. But what about the month and a half that spans most of January and into February? And what about the few weeks in March?

I'm in pain. On the verge of tears. This is so unfair. And before anyone says that the show sucks. Look within. You fucking suck. The show is light-hearted entertainment that makes me smile, cry, laugh, sing, and obsess.

Can't remember the last thing that did. Besides my husband.

I need a drink. Later.
Thursday, December 03, 2009
Just before Spring 2009 hit, I was recovering from a cold. Again. To help speed up recovery, I decided to avoid all dairy. And since I went there, I tacked on a vegan cleanse. As the summer (sorta) came, I realized that I had avoided any animal product period. With a few transgressions here and there, I have consumed predominantly plant product since then. It may be the best decision I have ever made.

Now, I don't ever advocate eating any way. Well, maybe eating more organic, unprocessed food. The less it has been doctored from the ground the better. But apart from that, I would never tell anyone to be a vegan. Truth is, because I exist in New York City, I allow myself some wiggle room. If I go out for dinner or a party or if someone makes me something, I will eat animal product. Eating vegan at a restaurant is pretty easy. But I refuse to put that restraint on myself.

It does help that we joined a CSA. Having a regular weekly delivery of vegetables does force one to be creative with all types of plant product. We will be doing it again.

I think the biggest benefit of my decision has been how I feel. I have not felt this healthy and strong. Ever. I am certainly as fit as I have ever been. If not fitter. I will say that I am vehement about consuming a diverse diet. I think it's the only way to get all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

I got asked about my protein needs. I consume enough legumes and beans. I get my protein. Occasionally, I will miss a pork. I tend to consume seafood at restaurants. Beef and chicken? Can't remember the last time I had beef. I had a piece of chicken yesterday. I found it not so enjoyable. I have not missed it and my body seems to be functioning quite well without it.

The one thing I avoid vehemently is dairy product. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I went to an Italian restaurant with my "in-laws". I thought I had successfully avoided any dishes with cheese. But alas, one bite of the pasta puttanesca and I tasted the distinct taste of parmiggiano reggiano. I ate it anyway. And developed massive phlegm. And lethargy. I knew there was a reason I avoided it.

So, bottom line: eat more plants, avoid dairy, feel better. Later.
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