Boy, do I have some Tales to Tell...
Thursday, September 30, 2004
I love that there are people out there who track things like:

This is just another sign. I mean besides continued fighting, the huge deficit, the closed-mindedness, and bigotry.

Makes one think. Later.
Sunday, September 26, 2004
What's a gymrat to do when he gets a full-time job that is not at the gym? Well, for one, he no longer has to teach as much. Furthermore, he gets to actually work out for himself.

I have happily accepted a position in the Specialty Foods Department of a major natural grocery store. I will be working specifically with cheeses from all over the world. But also be dabbling in chocolate, coffee, tea, and beer. And since my shifts tend to be during major teaching time slots, I have made the decision to drop a big part of my teaching schedule. I was a bit concerned about the big loss in income UNTIL I realized that I am getting a full-time position that pays well and affords me an amazing set of benefits.

I am looking forward to spending more time in the gym as someone who is working out rather than teaching. If you ever really want to hate anything, start teaching it. I can't wait to restart my yoga practice, to take a step class, and to try some new things like kickboxing or pilates. I will keep a few classes; hey, free membership. Plus I still like teaching. Plus there are still "Stories" to be told.

I am slightly melancholy about this move. I am ready for it but still will miss a part of it. I'm not really sure which part. I'll tell you when I find out... in about three years. Later.
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
Will someone out there tell me why anyone would want to bench a lot of weight? Is it necessary to be able to lift more than 250 lbs. away from your chest? I personally have never found a reason to. I was thinking of what situations I would have to functionally lift 250 lbs. (or more). When I push myself off the floor, I am moving maybe 170 lbs. max. And to be honest, anyone who weighs more than 250 lbs. tends to not want to do a "push-up".

Also, why on earth would I need to be able to squat 250 lbs. or more? I also tried to figure out a situation where I would need to be able to squat 250 lbs. I still haven't been able to find one. Maybe I am just lucky that I have never had to either press a mini cooper off my chest or squat press a steel girder. Maybe someday, I may actually have to. I'm thinking if that is the case, I don't really want to be conscious at all.

And to be perfectly honest, if I had about 180 lbs. on top of me, I would want a name, dinner, and a second date. Later.
Monday, September 20, 2004
I don't often link to another person's blog; actually I never do. But this is a must read.

Enjoy. Later.
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
A few days ago, I blogged about being rejected for something. I had alluded to the difficulty I had with the situation and how even though I believe that things happen for a reason, it still is difficult. Well, things do happen for a reason. Today, I got a call from a company that I had been pursuing for a position. I got a call from two different departments who were very interested in me. I ended up interviewing for one with the intention of going to the other later but it turned out so well, I was extended an offer pending background check. I haven't officially said yes because I also got an email from another company that saw my resume and is very interested in meeting to discuss how they can use me in their kitchen. I'll most likely say yes to the first place because they have an amazing benefits package (and say what you will, that really does make a difference).

It's nice to be wanted. It's even nicer to be wanted by a place that you respect. I don't harbor ill feelings for the company that originally rejected me. I am a disappointed with how they handled the situation but they do have to make their choices. I don't necessarily believe they made the right choice but so be it.

I did end up focusing my energy on my exercise, so it has had some good benefits. The exercise and this blog has been a good way to just unload my "funk". Speaking of which, today is the two-year anniversary of this blog. It's been very cathartic. I had started it as a way to document some stories I had about working in a gym. I also used it as a way to air my grievances about the gym. I still do talk about the gym but I think I use it more to just "talk". I have even changed the name a couple of times to allow me some freedom in writing. Overall, it's been wonderful. I would encourage anyone to start one, not just for themselves, but especially for themselves. Thanks to all who read. Later.
Monday, September 13, 2004
If and when you shower at the gym, how do you put on your underwear? It's one of those things that you see but never really notice. People have interesting ways of putting on their underwear after showering at the gym. Most of us towel down in the shower stall, wrap the towel around our waists, and head for our locker to get dressed. And here is where it all starts to differ.

There are people who keep their towels on and proceed to do a jig to put their underwear on. The jig is due to the fact that they are trying to lift their legs into their shorts while trying to keep their towel from falling off exposing themselves thus eliminating the reason the towel is kept around their waist. Once both legs are inserted into the shorts, the shorts are pulled up to their proper position. Then, and only then, is the towel removed. This way nobody ever gets to see their private parts.

There are those who also do the jig, get the shorts around their thighs, remove the towel, and then pull them up. What's the point of this? I can still see you ass and/or dick as soon as you drop your towel. And didn't you keep the towel on to make sure nobody sees your business? Just wondering.

Then, there are people who don't even keep their towels around their waist. These are the exhibisionists. They enjoy the fact that you are looking at them and, in some cases, would like it if you would take it to a different level. Some eventually dry off and put their shorts on. Some dry off, get some lotion, take their time rubbing it in, sometimes sit bare-assed on the bench, sometimes admire themselves in the mirror, and then, finally, put the shorts on.

Then there are people, like me, who keep their towels on until we need to put on our underwear. We tend to drop the towel, put on our shorts, and call it a day. We don't mind people sneaking a peek. Really, it's because we could care less. Hey, if you think you need to look at my ass or cock, then go ahead. I hope it gives you some kind of joy.

The truth is, if we do get to see you penis, then yipeee. Rarely do men who are looking to see another's penis ever get appalled. It really is more about comparison. Maybe some men are afraid that people will laugh at the size of their penis. I doubt the people who sneak a peak ever really are looking to make fun. I guess you can compare it to looking at a new store. You have your favorite store that you always go to, but hey, it doesn't hurt to look at what else is out there. AND we really are only looking because we like the rest of what we see. We would not look if we didn't.

Now, before you go out and start looking at men put on their underwear in your gym's lockerroom, please make sure you do it discretely. I would not want to be the cause of any trouble. Later.
Sunday, September 12, 2004
I hate when my partner leaves for business for extended periods of time. He just left and won't be back until Friday late-night. I know he is just a phone call away or an email but it still makes me feel sad. I got up early with him to make breakfast and see him off. It hit harder today because it's Sunday and we tend to spend the day together just doing silly things.

On top of it all, my friend Janice is also out of town for three weeks. We grew up together. When she told me she was moving to NYC, I was ecstatic. When we were little we spent a ton of time together. Now that she lives in NYC, I see her every other day. She has become an even better friend to me and a great friend to my partner. But right now, my childhood/adulthood playmate is out of town. So, what now?

Maybe I should take the next few days to take inventory of my life. Maybe I can clean up some loose bits. Maybe I can paint the bedroom. Maybe. Maybe not.

Not that I want to hit the gym anymore than I do. Plus my knee is bothering me. I also hate that I am waiting to get paid (this Friday). I paid a bunch of bills and now I am tight on cash. The good news is that at the end of this month, I will have paid-off two of my three credit cards. Goodbye to that burden.

By now, some of you are pulling out your violins. I know I should get over it. But I miss him. I hate this snowball effect on my emotions. Oh well... Later.
Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Ahhhhh, summer has dwindled down. I can't help but be melancholy about it all. No matter how busy you are or who you are, summer seems to be a time when everything seems to just fall by the wayside. Not in a bad way. Just that nothing matters more than enjoying the moment. I'll miss that.

Part of my melancholy comes from some of the happenings of the past two weeks. I seem to be having a hard time shaking off my rejection. Thank goodness for the gym. It does give me back some focus and centers me. Of course, I haven't run into the masses that return from a summer of not attending the gym. At that time, my melancholy will turn into irritation.

This is one of two times I am scared to teach my classes. The other time is the first week of the New Year. During both times, a bunch of new people, PLUS the people who have not been to the gym in a while, come to class. There are lines to get onto equipment, there are lines to get into class, there are lines to get a shower, there even lines to get a locker.

But what really scares me is when adults fight over their spots in step class. It scares me that there are fights between grown men over how much mirror space each has. It scares me that there are fights between grown women about who got to that spot first. It scares me that people cannot compromise and move over a couple of inches to let others in. All this over exercise - something these people have gladly eliminated from their lives for the past few weeks and, in some cases, months. Scary. Later.
Thursday, September 02, 2004
There are moments in your life when all seems very grim and low. I am very thankful that I have the following in my life to help me out of those times: my beloved partner of six-plus years, my best friend Kelsie, several other friends & supporters, and the gym.

When all seems lost, the gym has always been a good place for me to go. Unlike most, I find comfort in being able to exercise. I guess it gives me a sense of control which is what one loses one doesn't get something they really want. One of the best parts of me being rejected for something is that it fuels my desire to work out harder and more intensely. The physical results are certainly pleasing.

I've given myself one more day of self-pity, then it's done. I'm moving on. It's the only thing I can do. It's the only thing I must do. It's the only thing WE all must do. Oh, I'm also thankful that my kitty loves me. I think pets sense their owner's loss. I think she did. She just kept licking my hands as if to say, "If they won't have you, I will." Later.
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