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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
I hate JJ Abrams. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. I hate him because... because... because "My name is not Michael Vaughn." Crash. Bang. Nothing. NOTHING but the word ALIAS on the screen. Is he trying to tell me that I have to wait four months to find out what happened? Does he know that I have no patience or time for this kind of crap? Does he know WHO I AM?!?!?!??! God, why do I watch this show. It's driving me insane. It's driving me to drink. Oh wait. I already do that. Nevermind. I feel empty. I hate him. I hate him so much that I may just show up in four months. Later.
Friday, May 20, 2005
Just a thought: when I go to the gym, I don't mind the smell of cleaning solution. It makes me think that they are at least splashing it around and, at least, maybe cleaning the area. I also don't mind the smell of air freshner in the lockerroom. I know it just masks the smell of sweaty bodies but that's okay. I am fine with that. I even don't mind the smell of sweaty worked out bodies. I don't mean the nasty I-have-not-seen-the-inside-of-a-shower smell that comes from some people. It's a gym. You should smell worked out.

What I do mind is the smell of a chicken parm, Big Mac & fries, and pork fried rice as I try to finish my 30 minutes on the treadmill. It's not motivating at all. It's a bit nauseating, actually. I'm not sure what can be done when the staff break room is next to the cardio area. I would suggest shutting the door, at least. Maybe, encourage your staff to eat lunch away from the gym. I don't know. I just think it's not appropriate. Later.
Monday, May 16, 2005
Meeting bloggers is fun. Meeting bloggers who's blog you frequent is even more fun. Meeting a blogger, having a hoot, and staying out 'til way past your bedtime is downright sinful. Meeting a blogger and thinking that you may have met someone that you may just become very good friends with is just precious. Todd was in town. Todd was a blast. His partner Kevin was quite nice as well. It makes me all tingly inside. I may just have some new friends in Atlanta. I'm just sayin'. Later.
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Oh, geez... I'm crying. I can't stop cryring. And for such a strange reason.

I just finished watching The Amazing Race. Joyce & Uchena won. They actually won. They were in last place at the start of the final leg of the race. They had all their belongings taken away. All their cash taken away. They had to beg for money at the airport to even start the last part of the race. But they did it. They caught up with the two other couples. Passed them. Got passed again. Hit a major roadblock. Somehow got through. And won a million.

I started bawling as they approached the finish line. I can barely type right now. Maybe I feel this way because I love seeing people survive unbelievable odds. Maybe I like seeing people go through trauma only to come out on top in the end. Maybe it's the fact that they figuratively came from nothing to win. Maybe I just really appreciate hardwork.

Maybe I just didn't want Rob & Amber to win. Later.
Friday, May 06, 2005
So I've been named by Cole to the Caesar's Bath meme.

The Official Rules of the Caesar's Bath Meme

Said meme takes its name from Mel Brooks' A History of the World (Part I), and, upon receiving it, one is supposed to list five things that one's circle of friends or peer group is wild about, but that one can’t really understand the fuss over. Quoth Caesar, "Nice. Nice. Not thrilling . . . but nice."

I never knew what a "meme" was AND I hate chain mail but this sounds like fun. So here goes:

1. IPods - Do I really need to listen to 1000 songs? Do I even like 1000 songs? Do I care if I can download every song that I have always wanted? Don't some songs seem more cherished because you can only hear them once in a blue moon? Doesn't my old-school discman work just fine? The answer to the last question is "yes".

2. Fire Island Summer Shares - Yeah, right. I can be ignored by the same snobs on this Island without having to pay a lot of money to be ignored by them on another.

3. Carb-free diets - Sorry, I really just love cookies. And pizza. And pasta. And rice. And pizza. Did I mention pizza? Plus unless you use your body visually to make a living, you don't need to have the "perfect" body. Just one that is healthy.

4. Benching more than 100 lbs. - Since I do frequent the gym (which explains #3), I often see a lot of my peers trying to bench ridiculous amounts of weight. Listen, if I have more than 170 lbs. on my chest, I want his name and, at the very least, dinner.

5. CSI - I just don't get it. I tried. Twice. I just could not get into it. I guess I am much too much of a Law and Order groupie. Plus, Law and Order is based in NYC. Only the greatest city in the world. In which I happen to have met the love of my life. And in which he and I own a place. And in which I can live my life openly, happily, and excitingly. Wait... is that a word? And yeah, I know that there is a CSI based in NYC. But it's just not the same.

There you have it. I know, given a couple more days, I can come up with more. I probably will. I may even blog about them. So, I have to pass this meme on to three people. Not sure if they will participate but, what the hell... tag you guys are "it":


Monday, May 02, 2005
Not that the gym is a "gay place" but it's typically populated by gay men. Most, if not all, people know this. I believe most people expect that there will be a bunch of gay men at the gym at any given moment. So, the following conversation makes me think:

Gay male: So, are you seeing anyone?

Other male: Well, I have a girlfriend. But nothing serious.

Gay male: Ahh, so you've got your eye out for something else.

Other male: Well, not really. I like her. She's just the jealous type though.

Gay male: Mmmmm.

Other male: Well, she said that if I ever cheated on her with a girl, she would kill me. She's cool with me having sex with a guy but she said that not with another girl.

Gay male: So, you have sex with other guys?

Other male: No no no...

Gay male: But you would?

Other male: Ummmmm...

Gay male: Okay.

What the fuck was that? And in the middle of the weight room? I also want to point out that both men were quite attractive. Not sure what that exchange was about. And what is it with guys who say that they have a girlfriend but that their girlfriend is fine with them having sex with men? Can someone please explain that to me. Later.
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