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Thursday, January 31, 2008
A huge part of what I do for a living involves teaching my co-workers how to deal with all sorts of customers. I teach them the "tools" to help deal with most customer situations and inform them of their rights when it comes to Customer Service.

While on the floor the other day, I noticed a customer looking confused and searching for something. I stopped, turned around, and asked, "May I help you find something?" Her response was, "NO!!!! I GOT IT." I smiled, said "Okay, have a nice day," turned, and walked away, shaking my head.

A few days later, my co-worker asked a customer if they needed a bag for their one item. His response was, "UH?!?! YEAH. What's wrong with you? This is a grocery store. Of course I need a bag. What? Don't you understand that? YOU SHOULDN'T BE WORKING HERE IF YOU DON'T." His tone of voice and demeanor obviously indicated that my co-worker should "go back to her country." She did what she was taught to do: inform him that if he had a problem with her service, he could go to our Customer Service booth to apeak to a manager, called the next customer down, and gave that customer good service. He continued to rant and even said more derogatory things. She was so distraught, she rang up the next customer, stepped away, and began crying.

So, here is what I wonder? Is there any reason to be so mean? They were both simple questions. The second one was asked because, if you have not figured out yet, I work for a very "green" company. Nonetheless, what is the need to YELL? Both situations were simple and calm. Both questions were innocent. Both questions could have been answered with simple 'no' or 'yes'. But yet, these customers chose to become belligerent. And for what reason? And is there really any reason to be mean to us service workers?

I left work the other day feeling defeated. Not defeated by my co-workers not understanding what we do in our line of work. I actually am quite pleased lately because my work seems to be taking effect. I'm very proud of the level of service that seems to be happening. Even the most jaded co-workers seem to be happier. But, how am I supposed to implore that my co-workers be nice when all we get is SMACKED IN THE FACE? What is wrong with our society? I will not accept that because you spend money to purchase something, you deserve the right to demean the person helping you. You did not purchase a person, you purchased a product. Human beings have not been for sale for quite a while now.

So, what does one do? I am glad that my company does not allow its workers to be abused. We do ask customers to never return if they are rude and demeaning to anyone in the store. We don't want their business. But recently, I have just had a hard time being inspirational when customers feel they have the right to be mean. What happened to just being friendly to your neighbor? Someone please tell me. Later.
Sunday, January 27, 2008
I think I have posted about letting friends go. Even though you know that it has to happen, it still feels slightly uncomfortable. But you bear it and let them go. Even though they no longer update their blogs in anyway, shape, or form, I still hate letting them go. Later.
Monday, January 21, 2008
I read somewhere that our ears are the only thing that keep growing as we get older. As a matter of fact, our body actually begins to shrink at some point but our ears continue to grow. Which is probably why elderly people seem to have huge ears.

I think my ears are growing at a rapid rate. As a matter of fact, this weekend, I noticed that my ears are bigger than normal. After my morning shower, while drying off, I noticed my ears. Yup, for the first time ever, I noticed my ears. They just seem to be bigger than I remember. Much bigger. As it is, I can't wear the ear buds that come with my nano. I have to wear headphones that either latch to my ear or wrap around the back of my head. And now, with the vast expanse that I call my ear, ear buds are a big NO.

I hope I'm not beginning to shrink. I just turned 38. Please don't let that be the age where it all turns around. Is my head getting smaller? It's not like I am losing weight. By the time I turn 45, I'll have huge elephant ears. Whoa.

So, yes, my ears are bigger. Funny, I still really can't hear half the crap people say to me. Later.
Saturday, January 19, 2008
What is it about ballads about feeling blue and longing for someone? I have this bizarre affinity for them. The schmaltzier they are, the more I love them. For example:

Out Here On My Own, Irene Cara
Picture, Kid Rock ft. Sheryl Crow
My All, Mariah Carey
Cry Me A River, Justin Timberlake

Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy. But, I have listened to them a lot. Like, 15 times in a row a lot. There are many more. I'm just sorta embarassed to name them. Scary. Later.
Monday, January 14, 2008
My Monday workday is the only day that I have planned and set. The same thing happens every Monday. The schedule is set. Everyone I work with knows what I do every Monday. It's nice but can also be tedious. It definitely is draining. On the way into work, I told Mike that I was not sure where I was going to find the mojo to inspire. I normally do not feel this way but this Monday I did. But I got through what I had to do.

Then, something happened that made the day just a bit brighter. As I walked by the Meat Department, I noticed that they started selling pork butt. OH. MY. GAAAD!!!! Pork butt. The only thing better is pork belly. I am not sure what it is about pork and me. My running joke is that I would be vegan except I just cannot give up pork. I love it.

So, before I left work, I bought a 4-lb pork butt. I got home and began to marinate the pork butt in a mixture of garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, canola oil, and red wine vinegar. I realized that the piece of pork butt that I got had a small piece of rind left on. This is a good thing.

After two hours of slow roasting in my oven, I am devouring pieces of this glorious meat in between typing sentences of this post. Is there anything better than the tender, fatty, salty, spicy flavors of this meat? I can't think of some right now. I am just enthralled. The only thing that would make this better would be if I had my Mom's secret sauce that she makes out of calf's liver. Go ahead. Make fun.

Oh, and the rind... all crispy and salty and peppery... it was the first to go. Later.
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
I don't care if people think I am crazy. No. I really don't. I don't care if anyone thinks I am crazy because I am in love with Cashmere Mafia. I love it, I love it, I love it.

Yes. I know. Go ahead. Make the comparisons to the other show that features four females in New York City that is made by Darren Starr. Go ahead. It doesn't matter. I love that one too. No. That one rules my life. This one has my undivided interest. So much so that I skipped Project Runway to watch it. Hell, they rerun that right after it first airs.

And it's not just Lucy Liu. Although, it is a huge part. I love her. I want to be her. If I run into her, I may just freak. I probably won't. But I just may.

Anyway, I think I have a new shoe... I mean... show to watch. Now, I have to go watch Project Runway. Later.
Thursday, January 03, 2008
I believe that things always happen for a reason. I believe that people come into your life at the right time. I believe that people leave your life at the right time too. I believe that if you open your heart, it will welcome the ones who are supposed to be in your life.

I'm not sure when I allowed myself to open my heart but I have welcomed some amazing people in my life. I don't know why I have been lucky. I have found the man I am going to be with the rest of my life. I don't mean to be schmaltzy and I won't claim to know this to be true but I somehow I feel it. I can't describe it. I wish I could quantify it. Numbers always make sense to me. But, no numbers can describe how I feel. But it makes sense to me.

Then there are those who will always be in my life. No matter how far away they are. No matter how long I am out of touch with them. It will always seem like I chatted with them yesterday. And will again tomorrow.

I'm not sure why I am being nostalgic. I'll probably think about it for a couple more days. Then something will happen to make me bitter as hell. In the next two days, I will call those who matter most to me just so they know I am still here. I won't have to tell them. I am sure they will just know. But it does not matter if they do. It matters that I am still there, regardless.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
2008. Here it is. First post.

I'm not really one to count my blessings. Then again, life is all about change. Nope. Life is only change. So here goes. Thank you for:
Well, that's not it but, for now, it is. Happy New Year to anyone reading this. As cheesy as it sounds, I do wish for world peace. I wish that we find the peace within ourselves to be kind, generous, and accepting. Pray for laughter. It's the best gift one can give. Later.
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