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Thursday, April 27, 2006
I am in a bit of a dilemma: I'm trying to decide which blogs I want to link to on my blog.

Certain ones will always be dear to my heart because I have been reading them forever and like them still. Others are new and will be added to the links. There are some who have asked if I would link to them; some I will because I have began to read them regularly, some I may add later. But there are some who no longer update their blog (in some cases, I wish they would) but I feel excluding them would be wrong and mean. And my bigger question is "why am I concerned about excluding people who no longer update their blog?"

Every once in a while, you get that not-so-fresh feeling (down there). So, you shower and suddenly... BOOM... you feel all fresh.

So, here I am... all fresh and new. I have been meaning to change my blog's look for some time now. I may change a few more things in the next few days but overall, I think I will keep the look.

I will be adding a list of blogs that I read in the near future. I just don't have the energy to that tonight. All these changes are exhausting. Later.
Monday, April 24, 2006
It's already Monday morning and I still am not fully recovered from Friday night.

This past Friday, after work, I headed to the gym before I met up with my great friend and ex-party buddy for a light dinner and drinks at a new local bar. Well, the light dinner happened at the restaurant's bar (which involved a few drinks). We then dragged ourselves plus another friend to the new local bar to meet ex-party buddy's ex (who is 43 but looks 25 and HOT HOT HOT!). After about 20 minutes, someone said, "Hey, let's go to Splash!"

I agreed to go but said that I had to leave by 10:00pm since I had to teach early the next morning. So, as I opened my front door at 2:15am...

I tell you something. I had fun. I have not had this much fun dancing in a long time. And at Splash (which has not had the best history with me). We had so much fun that they have now vowed to drag me out every time they come into the City. They all live outside of the City, so they have decided I am their point City person. Do they know how much of a square I am? Do they realize that my idea of a good night out is dinner and drinks? Well, summer is about to hit, so maybe I may be going out a bit more. Oh, and did I mention that ex-party buddy's ex is quite the hottie... and a good dancer... now, where was he when I was single?

Anyhoo, it's Monday morning and I have to head to work soon. And I am still feeling the effects of dancing for 4 hours. The hip flexor muscles are still sore. My lower back is sorta okay. I am still slightly fatigued. It's hard getting older. But I had a ton of fun. So much, that it makes me want to go out and have more with that crew. We'll see. Later.
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Woo hoo... Alias is back and I loved the whole set up of it. I hope the momentum keeps building up for the last episodes of the series. I love, have loved, and always will love this show. When it's done, I'll have to add the complete DVD collection to my list of series collections that I want.. by the way, so far, that list consists of Sex and the City and Wonder Woman. Jeez, can I be any gayer? I think so.

What else is on my mind? Well, for one, are we really surprised that two white, lacrosse-playing, Southern boys (and yes, they are boys) are accused of kidnapping and raping a black stripper? And why are they using the fact that they are student-athletes as evidence of their "good character"? Do people out there realize that male sports teams purposely foster some of the most misogynistic, homophobic environments you can find? They like to hide behind the idea that they are creating a positive heterosexual male culture but fail to see that they are doing this by degrading anything that does not fit within that description.

My friend Christine pointed out this fact: we are so concerned about treating the victim and punishing the criminial that we are ignoring the fact that our society is creating males who are intolerant, oppressed, unemotionally-developed, and closed-minded. Who are these people raising them? You can't even use the excuse that circumstances caused their behavior. Misogynists and homophobes come from all parts of society. What are we doing? NOTHING. A college basketball player will stand in front of the camera and thank his mom but turn around and sexually assault a young woman. Another will claim that he doesn't care if a teammate is gay because it's all about scoring points but will then use slurs to describe their effeminate classmate. What are we teaching our kids? NOTHING, apparently.

If found guilty, what will the two white, Duke students get for kidnapping and raping? NOTHING really worth talking about. Probably suspension. Some jail time. What type of psychological counseling will they have to go through to figure out why they did this? Will they give a personal explaination as to why they committed such an act? What will all other student athletes gain from the experience or better yet what will they chose to gain from all this? I'm guessing... NOTHING.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006
I don't know why I bother using a computer. It's not like I know what I am doing at all. For example, I decided to create a photo album of my trip to Spain by using the flickr. So that y'all could share in my travels. After several failed attempts, I realized that there is something about me having a router that is not allowing me to upload my pictures. I tried uploading pictures one at a time but to no success. I tried using blogger's way of posting pics within a post... still not uploading. After the 15th time, I decided to step away from the computer before I pop.

Anyhoo, in other news... do you ever see someone doing something enormously stupid and disruptive that you want to push them in front of the incoming uptown train? Or is it just me?

Just wondering. Later.
Friday, April 14, 2006
Yay! I'm home. As much as I like visiting new places, it's always the highlight of my trip when I get home. I missed my bed. I missed my place. I missed my cat... I know, I really missed my cat. I think she missed me too.

On Tuesday, Mike and I were talking after our trip to Tangier, Morocco. We were back at the Inn, having a relaxing moment from the day, sipping a glass of wine, and munching on some snacks. It was still sinking into his head that he had just spent the day roaming Tangier... in Morocco... in Africa... on a whole other continent. I smiled and kissed him because that is what we do. Then I said, "I'm looking forward to going home." He asked why. I then replied, "Because I miss it. I like our home. It's where our lives really are. Plus, I miss our cat."

Travelling is fun. Seeing places. Exploring new sights, sounds, and feelings. It's all great. But nothing can compare to being home. Safe. Secure. And at ease.

Pictures of Spain and Morocco to follow... that is, if I can figure out how to post the damn things.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Hola from Sevilla, Spain. What a trip so far... and by that, I mean the flight. It was so choppy that I was tense the entire way to Brussels. Then, our connection was delayed because of the flight control strike in France... which was then changed again because of the route change which was also very turbulent. Let´s just say that I am glad we are landed and kinda sorta rested. When I got up this morning, my upper body was so sore from being tense. Anyhoo...

Some observations:

I´m having mild allergic reactions to Manchego. I´m not happy.

Fried fish in Sevilla is quite tasty. I think I will have some everyday.

It´s easy and fun to get lost in this city.

Spanish boys are thin thin thin thin thin. The BASTARDS.

Tapas... good reason to stuff your face and wash it down with a bottle of wine.

Okay, we have one two more days in Sevilla. Then, it´s off to Cordoba, Granada, and Tarifa with a day in Tangier, Morocco. It´ll be my first time in Africa since I left in 1982.

Oh, and if Robert Wright is reading this... I cannot thank you enough. Looking forward to the rest of the trip. Later.
Monday, April 03, 2006
So, what does one do when one needs a break from the daily grind? Well, one goes to Andalusia... which is just a cool way to say Southern Spain. I may even blog from there just to say that I did. Be good to each other. Later.
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