Boy, do I have some Tales to Tell...
Monday, February 25, 2008
I'm going to blog indirectly about the Oscars. I want to be Tilda Swinton because I want to be able to wear a dress (by Lanvin) like this:

If not Ms. Swinton, then I want to be Marion Cotillard so that I can wear a Jean-Paul Gaultier dress like this:

This, my friends, is fashion. Pure fashion. Watch it. Learn it. Appreciate it. Later.
Saturday, February 23, 2008
Spending the past two days sick gave me many chances to think of random things. For example, why would anyone purchase a home before selling their current one? I can only see doing it if you are wealthy enough to hold two mortgages. Most of us are not. I think we should give Suze Orman the right to bitch slap people who commit obvious financial mistakes.

Also, did you know that you can drink too much fluids? It happened when I took three Wellness Formula tablets, three L-Lysine tablets, a multi-vitamin, and four aspirin... all at once. I've never wished I could pee until then.

You can find almost anything on YouTube. And if it isn't in English, look harder; someone has translated it. Just be ready to waste about four hours or so.

Am I alone when I say that the music I like is the music I like? I mean that no matter how much I search the web (see aforementioned YouTube) and iTunes, I can barely find anything I really want to download that I either have not already or have on CD. Plus, I want some new dance music and most of the remixes I want are not readily available. Unless someone can give me a legit site to download them from.

America... oh, America. You are such a bunch of prudes. Seriously, when it comes to "adult issues", our government is light years behind the rest of the Western world. Scary.

I think I want a panini machine. Or maybe a George Foreman grill. Or maybe neither. I'll just end up making too many grilled cheese sandwiches.

I love Movies on Demand. I wish I could watch new release movies at home. I hate going to the theater. Even when I'm not sick.

I miss working out. I think I have regained my gymrat status. For three consecutive weeks, I have hit the gym 5-6 times each week. Except this past one because I started getting sick on Thursday. I may try to do some light cardio on Sunday after work. (Yes, I have to work this Sunday)

I spend most of my money on food. And when I am at home sick, I think about ways to spend my money on food. I have a pantry and it needs to look stocked. Maybe that's why I love working at a grocery store. The only time I left the apartment in the past two days was to go to lunch with the husband and go grocery shopping. We went straight home afterwards and I got in my pajamas and that was all she said. Just sayin'.

Even being sick, I still find the energy to do the weirdest things. Like three loads of laundry. Like move the furniture to vacuum the living room rug. Like dust the living room. Like create a grocery list and plan a menu for the in-law's visit next weekend.

I should not have this much time on my hands. It's scary. Later.
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
I love my dentist. I love going to the dentist. I actually enjoy the entire process. But this afternoon, I had two cavities filled. Overall, it was a major success because she, the dentist, thought that we may have to remove a filling in order to properly fill one of the cavities. Thankfully, we did not have to and it turned out perfectly fine.

Except, now I feel beaten up. I can barely chew, so I have to mash my food in my mouth then swallow. Nice image, eh? Did this stop me from eating? Nope. I was so hungry that I had a veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with mustard and sauerkraut. Then, I followed it up with a bowl of tomato soup. And finally, I had about a third of a pound of roast pork belly with some jasmine rice. I was going to try to eat a salad but I had a hard enough time with the pork.

I finally took some pain killers and some vitamins. At least, I don't have to go to work until 11:00am tomorrow. I just feel icky. Hopefully, Cashmere Mafia will cheer me up. Later.
Friday, February 15, 2008
It's hard breaking up but sometimes you just have to do it. I'd rather I didn't have to but I can't go on being strung along. It's not enough to just exist. I think... no, I feel... no, I know that being there does not mean living. You have to breath. You have to laugh. You have to cry. You have to kiss.

I'm tired of waiting and not getting. I'm tired of being used when everyone else seems to be getting rewarded. I know others are fine with an arrangement like this but I know I am worth more. My time is worth more. My life is worth more.

At first, I felt that too many were making such a big deal about it. Then, on Valentine's Day, I realized that it was a big deal. I am not here to be taken for granted. One can only take so much before they realize that the time has come to move on.

So, it is with a sad heart that I say goodbye. Goodbye to Nuke of As The World Turns. It was fun when it started. It was cute when the flirting began. It was engaging even through the drama. But to have a young gay couple avoid any intimate physical contact, when every other couple and whore on the show is enjoying it, is downright patronizing and offensive to me as a gay man. So, as a final offering, I say this, "FUCK YOU As The World Turns!!" Thanks for nothing. Yeah, yeah, ya got a gay couple. Whatever. They're a couple of eunuchs. Albeit, cute eunuchs. Fuck, I think eunuchs even get to kiss. Shit, priests and little boys get to more intimate time than they do.

And guess what? Brothers & Sisters have a gay couple. And their always kissing. And they're equally as cute too. What the fuck is the big deal? Afraid that the daytime audience can't handle such adult matter? Right, they can't handle incest, rape, murder, and adultery either.

Best of luck to the actors who portray the gay characters: Van Hansis and Jake Silbermann. Glad you got a job. Then again, we got one too. A hose job. Later.
Friday, February 08, 2008
My life has been all about "being green" and "sustainable agriculture." I am all for it. I believe that it is our responsibility to keep our planet healthy. As a species, humans do very little for the earth. I would not hesitate to say that we are raping our planet. We are. For every one person who does one thing to help the earth, there are at least 20 who do not give a rat's ass about it. Our world is one of convenient "dispose-ibility"... at any cost.

I think learning how to recycle and how to reuse and how to produce responsibly is a good start. But, for me, it's all a bandage to what the real problem. I think, we consume too much. Think about it: why do we use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides? To ensure a larger harvest. Why is the demand for food much higher? Not because we have a larger population. Mainly because we are a society that views abundance as prosperity. Forget quality, it's all about quantity. So, we buy more. And how much of it do we really use? Not as much as you think.

How big was that last burger you had? Do you really need a quarter of a pound of ground beef? Don't forget the bread, lettuce, tomato, cheese, bacon... and the fries. At least three potatoes worth. What? That's not how you eat? Guess what? That's how middle America eats. And where does that lead them to?

Obesity. Is it lack of exercise? Yes. But first, you have to stuff those calories down. Guess what? You can't get fat unless you eat a whole lot of food. Have you ever seen how middle America shops for food? Almost half of it is thrown away. Along with the conveniently disposable containers it all comes in. God forbid you wash a reusable fork or plate. God forbid that you carry a reusable plastic container for your food. And god forbid you have to put that reusable plastic container in your reusable bag. Because that would mean you would have to carry around some extra weight forcing you to expend more calories. God forbid. That would be like... I don't know... exercise.

So, should we continue to support the industry of conventional farming? You decide. Do you like your planet being flushed with synthetic substances that draw the life out of it? Just so that you can enjoy that extra helping? It's not for me to say. But most of America is fat. The skinny models that walk down the runway are not the issue. Turn around. There are more obese people than anorexic ones. Those obese people are eating much more than they should. You can't get fat by eating a proper portion. Stop consuming so much.

But, I suppose that I am fighting a futile fight. Our lives are dependent on over-consuming. We do it because we are told to. Industry is considered failing if they just meet their goals. We only look positive upon industry if it is busting at the seams. And how does it bust at the seams? Well, we have to place more funds into it. And that is done by consuming more. Which means more packaging for more of that food. Which means more synthetic chemicals for more food to grow. Which means more food to buy. Which means more prosperity. Which means more money to buy with. Which means more demand for more.

I hope it stops. We don't really need more. We have plenty. Plenty to share. Because if we eat right, we eat less than what we are told to eat. Which means less needs to be grown. Which means we don't need to use synthetic ways of producing. Which means that less is produced. Which means that less packaging is needed. Which means we don't have to pollute our earth. Which means we stop harming the planet. Which means we stop harming ourselves.

I think it makes sense. I hope the rest of our planet makes sense of it too. Later.
Sunday, February 03, 2008
Scene: Tim's living room. Tim is watching Eli Manning throw a fade to Plaxico Buress, with 35 seconds left in the 4th quarter, and 13 yards to goal.

tim (Manning throws football): oh.

tim (football reaches the arc peak): my.

tim (Buress catches football): GOD!!!!!

tim (tim leaping up so high in the air): OMIGOD! Omigod! OMIGOD! OMIGOD!!!!!

End scene.

I'm not a football fan but when your home team gets to the championships, you root them on. When I was a junior in high school, my chemistry teacher used to give us a quiz the day after the Giants lost. If they won, we didn't have one. So, needless to say, I followed the Giants. Did I love it? No. Did I learn to appreciate it? Yes.

Fast forward to Sophomore year at the University at Buffalo. Yes, that Buffalo. The Bills make it to the big game. Three years and no dice. Did it hurt? Yes. Did I follow the whole thing? Of course, as I said, "...when your home team..."

I confess, I didn't start watching until after the Patriots scored their last touchdown. I wanted to see what Eli had in him. Sometimes you have to make your dreams reality. Seems like Eli did. Congratulations to the home team. And thanks for the thrill of victory. Later.
I've had one of the calmest weekends in quite a while. Work has been... well, a lot. Enough so that I am tired after and I seem to be playing some sort of catch-up. Not sure what it is I am trying to catch up with.

I have a new "coordinator" who has a very aggressive plan. It's good thing but I sometimes think that we are going to hit a wall. It's a good thing that I seem to have all the right things in the right place. Of course, because I am such a control freak, I feel that I need to be three steps ahead even though I am two. I can be crazy like that. I guess I just miss all the down time I used to have because of my excessive need to be ultra-prepared.

The past two weekends have had me traveling: first to Philadelphia to visit the in-laws, then to Connecticut to have dinner for friends and spend the night. I hate traveling. I have to take medication to get on a plane now. I just do. I can fly without but I won't bother because I don't even want to try. Traveling takes a lot out of me. I feel spent. And since I did so the past two weekends, I was looking forward to not doing so this one.

I suppose I have become a major creature of habit. I am going to assume it comes with age. I normally have weekends off, and I prefer to have it totally off. I love teaching on Saturdays, working out afterward, going to brunch, shopping around, and going home to nap. Then, Sundays just doing as I please. I love that. I had that this weekend. I hope to have it next weekend as well.

I am going to try hard to make sure I do. Later.
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