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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
One of my biggest obsessions is the show Alias. Truth be told, I want to be Sidney Bristow. I would have said that I want to be Jennifer Garner but she is dating Ben Affleck and I have no interest in him whatsoever. Plus, Sidney is with Vaughn and... well... oy.

But tonight was the night that I have discovered Marshall. Oh, Marshall. Sweet, neurotic, discombobulated Marshall. How fucking hot was he in that leather jacket?!?!?! I think Vaughn is cute. I can't wait for Wil to return. But hey, who cares now that Marshall has been given a lot of air time. Can we say "salivating"? I was hot for Marshall.

Now, I've always had a thing for nerdy Caucasians. God knows that the man I have been with is a bit of a nerd. Maybe it's the glasses thing. Maybe I'm just attracted to someone who is intellectually stimulating. I mean, looks are one thing but they fade after 15 minutes. And then you have to be able to hold a conversation. When my friend Kevin used to live in NYC, we would compete for the attentioni of the nerdy-looking boy. We would get downright vicious if we saw a nerdy daddy-type. Ah, yes. Good times.

But back to Marshall. Sweet, neurotic, discombobulated, and steaming HOT Marshall. I need a moment. Later.
Saturday, March 26, 2005
So... here I am on Saturday night at 10:49. So far, I have made a batch of hummus, am in the midst of a making a mushroom marinara for the week, and I just filled my third glass of Banrock Station Chardonnay... from a BOX!! As my friend Kelsie says, "Times, they are a changing."

When did I become such the domestic guy? Shouldn't I be out hanging with friends? Painting the town? I'd ask my partner but he is in bed fast asleep. Damn, I used to be cutting edge. I used to be hip.

Ooops, gotta go check on the sauce. Later.
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Since obtaining a new full-time job that is not related to the gym, I have come back to working out like normal human being: about three to four times a week, mixing cardio and weight training. Last Saturday, I was blessed with having a day off from my day job. I taught my one morning class and decided to work out. What a luxury! To be able to take my time and concentrate on just exercise. This is why, at one point, I thought that working at the gym would be exciting. Well, I thought. I no longer really do. But I guess that's part of growing. You collect as many experiences as you can and use them to make decisions that benefit you and your future. I still love the gym. But more as a place to work out. Not work. Later.
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
On my recent anniversary trip, Mike and I got into a discussion as to the comfort level one has with their partner/spouse. More specifically, we got into the discussion of farting. If talking about farting makes you uncomfortable, then stop reading now. You've been warned.

To give you insight into our relationship, Mike and I are very comfortable letting one rip in front of each other. As a matter of fact, it has become almost a contest as to who can let one go. Now, it's not like we walk around the house just trying to one up each other. But since we do eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables in my household (not to mention beans), it is quite the regular occurence. There are other regular occurences but that is for another blog entry. I remember the first time he farted in front of me. He was very embarrassed and apologetic. I remember the first time I farted in front of him. I let it go without any hesitation. He was apalled. I was relieved.

Anyway, on our recent trip, I asked him if he used to fart loudly in the presence of his ex-partners. He said that not to the degree we comfortably release gas now. His first long-term partner was so "proper" that he only released barely audible farts. I know that guy. He fits the "barely audible fart" category. I then asked Mike how he felt about the fact that I fart quite loudly. He said that although he finds it disturbing at times, he thinks it is an indication of how comfortable we are with each other and he loves that we feel free and unembarrassed enough to fart in front of each other. And that he loves me for it.

Maybe that's the indication of how well a relationship is going. Farts as a barometer to your long term relationship. Who woulda thunk. Later.
Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Sometimes, I wonder why I feel they way I do. Not that I feel I need to be the nicest person in the world or the most compassionate or the the most congenial. As a matter of fact, I am very wary about people who are. I do my best to avoid them. Something about someone who is so... so excessively nice makes me roll my eyes.

I am also not a fan of people who are given to many chances. This morning, Darryl Strawberry (ex-Met, for those of you who don't know, that's baseball) was on the news. He was at Spring Training Camp as a special guest "coach". This is a man who has repeatedly been in and out of rehab/jail/trouble because of drug addiction. I question what message is being sent. At some level, the baseball powers-that-be MUST know that by constantly giving this guy any air time, they are condoning drug use. What is the message that is being conveyed? Oh, drugs are bad but if you do them, just keep doing some kind of penance and all will be fine? Should we be giving anything more than a second chance? Personally, I don't think so.

Many of us do not get a second chance. A whole lot don't even get a first chance. Why the hell should someone who throws away a third or fourth be even afforded a third or fourth? And especially if their first chance was lost on something illegal and serious as drug abuse? Does anybody else find this at all unfair? Should Darryl Strawberry (or Marion Berry or Robert Downey, Jr.) be allowed any type of third chance? Am I just uncompassionate? Do I despise these people because they are in the public eye? Maybe. I have a childhood friend who has repeatedly gotten himself in trouble with gangs. I feel for his family. His mother is someone I admire and love, as a child and as an adult. She is tenacious. I feel for her. I lost interest in him after his second incarceration.

I don't think I am cold and calous. I just think that our American society has a lot of chances to make the best for ourselves and those around us. We just seem to not take those chances. Worst of all, we keep allowing ourselves to achieve the same failures over and over again. Later.
Sunday, March 06, 2005
For those of you wondering, I've been away.

Well, first, I've been sick with the flu. So sick, that I actually left work early last Tuesday AND called out sick on Wednesday. Never ever does that happen in my life. I've been sent home because of being sick but I never voluntarily leave or call out sick. I was so sick that Mike asked if I wanted to cancel our Anniversary trip which was scheduled for Thursday through Sunday. I told him that if all I did was lie in bed in our room to recover, I would still go. I am glad I went.

If you ever need a place to go for an exceptionally romantic weekend/couple of days/week, you MUST go to Moose Meadow Lodge. We flew into Burlington, Vermont and drove to the lodge. As we turned into the driveway, both of us gasped at the sight of the place. The pictures on the website do it no justice. Mike's first words were, "It's a winter wonderland." I was stunned. And that was nothing compared to the hospitality of the owner Greg. He owns and runs it with his husband Willie. But Willie was away on vacation/business/family, so we only got to see pictures of him. I won't say anymore because you really must experience it to believe it. Okay, I'll just say that no matter what Mike and I did, we both always looked forward to coming back and just crashing into the comfort that Greg and Willie have created. It truly was a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. Even if I was still coughing and sickly.

AND for those of you looking to have a Civil Union (which is recognized by the State of Vermont), this is the place. Greg is a Justice of the Peace and can preside over your ceremony. Plus they have hosted many at the Lodge. I also got word from a local that Greg is just so moving and amazing that he is in great demand for both Civil Unions and "breeder" weddings. Who knows, maybe someday, Mike and I... hmmmmmm.

Anyway, enough said about the Lodge. I'm back. I am going back to work tomorrow morning, early. I need to hit the gym. I've had no appetite for any food until tonight. I missed my cat. It's good to be home. Later.
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