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Sunday, October 25, 2009
I've always wondered why people have a cringe when they discover that I hate children and don't believe in God. Actually, I don't believe in any type of higher being. But that's not what this blog posting is about. It's more about how people react to my feelings and beliefs. Because truth is, before I told anyone those two facts, they were fine with me.

I hate children. I don't want them. I'm not the type of gay to have kids. I have no paternal instincts. I don't think they are cute. I want nothing to do with them. I don't even want to be around them. So, when I say I hate kids, I always get that pause. Then the statement, "You can't hate kids." I always follow it up with, "Yes, I can. I hate you too." It's always an interesting conversation afterward. I know that part of it is that I play it up. But I really don't feel that I need to pretend that I like them. I hate them keep them away.

Then there's the God thing. First off: religion IS a choice. Not being gay. You can change the religion you grew up "believing". You can pretend not to be gay. But, in the end, you are just a big old closet 'mo. But back to God. I don't believe in God. I grew up Catholic. It's probably why I don't believe. I remember being 5-years-old, in church, turning to my mother, and asking, "Why are we doing this?" She was not happy.

Look, you can believe all you want. I don't. And yes, I do judge you for believing some writing in a book. Just like you are judging me for not believing in some higher being. I guess you need someone to tell you to be good to people. Treat the world around you with respect. Give back. But you don't. I won't even get into that. But you don't.

See, I hate children and I don't believe in God. My life goes on. Yours does to. I don't need to explain why I feel the way I do. I just wonder why you think I do. Later.
Saturday, October 17, 2009
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry to my co-workers who I have made fun of because of their poor retail execution. I need to give you a break because you really are some of the best around.

I'm sorry to the person who forgot to hand in their paperwork in order to be paid this past Friday. I forgot that part of being responsible was relying extensively on others.

I'm sorry to the person who doesn't get promoted just because they have been working for five years now and has only been late 3 times. I forgot that the basic job responsibility of punctuality was a barometer for your un-tapped supervisory prowess.

I'm sorry to the lady who feels it is a bother for her to be woken up at 9:00am because there are trucks delivering products to businesses in New York City. I understand that you escaped the hustle and bustle of the countryside.

I'm sorry that your absent husband has burdened you with your six children and that your 13-year old is now "a man" and is allowed to do whatever he wants and that you are sleep-deprived because your duty is to serve your family and that you cannot call to complain on Saturday mornings because you are not allowed to use technology because your religion has not been able to keep up with the evolution of the rest of mankind.

I'm sorry to the person who we won't hire because you had the bad judgment of stealing from your last job. And that you are not being given a chance. And for the record, if you want a job, having a poor attitude toward a potential employer is not going to get you one.

I'm sorry to all customers who think that customer service has gone down the drain. It's not the employees who have to burden all the blame. Most of us are only reacting to your lack of pleasant attitude, your need for attention, your fake air of superiority, and void of compassion you seem to be hoarding.

But most of all, I am sorry that I have the ability to keep my fucking ducks in a row making the rest of you look like poor representations of responsibility, mediocre forms of humanity, and enormously ignorant buffoons. Later.
Thursday, October 08, 2009
I got up this morning thinking that I needed to blog about something. Not sure what I was going to blog about. But I had a feeling I needed to.

A bunch of ideas went through my head: should I blog about the different type of coffee I decided to make. Or should I blog about the fact that I am considering going to the gym this early. Or should I blog about how my work day is in constant flux because I need to fit the needs of the business. Or should I blog about how I am having a hard time meeting up with friends because of the flux in my work schedule. Maybe I should blog about reconnecting with a college freshman year friend. Or an old blogger friend. All through Facebook.

Needless to say, I have a lot running through my head. I always do. Which is why I have this blog. So that I can write them down. But it doesn't always happen. Except this morning. So, there you have it. I have a lot of stuff coursing through my noggin. Scary. Later.

p.s. I think I am hitting the gym.
Thursday, October 01, 2009
With all the negativity that I tend to spew on this blog, I thought it was time that I wrote about something positive. So, here it is... I LOVE Fox Network's new show Glee!!!

I love it! I love it! I love it!

Today, I got to thinking why I love it so much. I think people who consider themselves GLEEKs (the name those of us who love the show have adopted) do so because they relate to the characters. We tend to have had a hard high school life. Often made fun of or alienated. Never accepted for who we were or are. Never quite fitting in.

Which is why I love the show so much. I know what it feels like to be part of a group of kids who are laughed at for being talented at something. Or for just for looking different. Or for liking things that are not popular. It hurt. And having this show makes us feel like we are being recognized for it. It doesn't hurt that the music is fun. It's all remakes but they all seem to work. A compilation album is supposed to be released. I'll be in line. Or at least on iTunes.

So, there you have it. Something positive. I am a Gleek. And I am proud. Later.
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