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Thursday, May 20, 2010
I'm a big fan of Glee.

As a matter of fact, I proudly call myself a Gleek. I love that show. It's fun and farcical. It's a great escape from the daily toil we call life.

But here's what I don't understand: why do some people analyze the crap out of it? From the auto-tuned voices to the improbabilities to the holes in the plot? It's not high drama folks. It's fun.

Then again, the people who over analyzed anything have no idea how to have fun. Just saying. Later.
Monday, May 17, 2010
It's not often I have back-to-back nice days. So, I relish them when I do have them. This past two days have been quite great. No big plans. Actually, the original plans were thrown out because of some cancellations we did not see coming. But it turned out for the far best. Which makes me realize that it really comes down to us choosing to be happy.

I worked Saturday, so my "weekend" didn't start until Sunday. The original plan was to walk AIDS walk then brunch with an old friend. Well the old friend canceled on us Saturday. We woke up late Sunday. And it all went out the window.

But we soldiered on with brunch at a great restaurant, Back Forty. I suggest it to everyone. I have been here several times. It's nowhere near my apartment. But the food is wonderful. I had friend chicken and waffles for brunch. I washed it down with chamomile tea. Weird but worked.

After brunch, we walked for quite a bit. Didn't really have a goal but to just walk and enjoy the weather. We stopped in one or two shops but just made our way to the subway to get back home. On the way, we made plans with my family for them to come over for dinner. Sometimes, it's better to cook and spend time with loved ones at home rather than go to a restaurant. This was one of those times.

We also stopped by work to get some food for dinner. I made baked arctic char on a bed of onions, a green salad, a tomato salad, some blanched green beans, and saffron rice. Also made some shrimp cocktail. I am happy to say that dinner was quite great. There's something so wonderful about spending time with my family and husband. They can be crazy but they all get along and laughter is the predominant sound. I truly cherish that.

Today, I took my parents to Uniqlo. So, here's the deal: they come all the way from the Philippines and one of their "must-stops" is Uniqlo in New York City. My parents are clothes-horses. They love shopping for clothes. They always like dressing up. And today, it was obvious. I spent 90 minutes in a store that I normally would spend no more than 30. We walked out with bags of clothes. I was exhausted. Happy but exhausted.

Then, to top it all off, I received my order from Zappos today. EARLY. I am thinking that I either need to invest in New Balance or start working for them. I love their products. My last pair of non-New Balance sneakers were... I cannot even remember. Scary.

Which leads me to now. After a wonderful dinner of vegan mashed potatoes, fried great northern beans, and steamed broccoli, I am happy. I just wonder if it's because of what happened or because I have chosen to be? Later.
Sunday, May 02, 2010
Change is definitely inevitable. But, unlike many, I embrace change. I love change. I actually feel that it's time some changes were made in my life. There's a lot to like about what I have but there's always room for change.

First change: I just got an iPhone. I actually needed a new phone. I still had a flip phone. A few weeks ago, I pulled it out of my pocket to make a call. Someone at work reacted, "Ooo, retro." Gee thanks. Then, my friend Matt let me play with his iPhone during his visit. I was hooked. So, I got it. I love it. Change is inevitable.

Next change: I've decided to curtail my clothing and shoe purchasing. I need to use what I have. Certainly no t-shirts will be purchased. I have too many of them. Is this really a change? For me it is. It's not the first time that I have made myself stop purchasing clothing. But the change is going to be about changing my purchasing habits to need and not just want. Let's call it getting older and wiser. And spending my money better. Change is good.

Upcoming change: I'm just not happy with work. I am not happy with the direction that my company is deciding to choose. I hesitate to call it direction because it seems like there is none. I think part of it is that change is happening in the company but they are refusing to acknowledge it. This past week, something happened that made me think: the writing is on the wall. So, I need to push this change to happen. I had some possibilities. They need to be revisited. The goal is by the end of the summer. Change is coming.

Of course, if the Upcoming change happens then the Next change will have to be changed. Because change is inevitable. And I need to embrace it. Later.
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