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Tuesday, May 29, 2007
When it comes to food, I wonder why a lot of people just have no clue about how to prepare a meal. I don't really expect most people to cook an elaborate meal. But I do think that you should have an inkling of how to open a can of tuna and a can of white beans, how to chop some herbs, and how to mix that all together, season with salt & pepper, add some lime juice and olive oil to taste, and serve on a green salad or with a crusty loaf of bread.

While sampling some tuna and white bean salad today, a few people asked me where I sold the salad. I had stacked cans of the tuna we used and cans of the the white beans we used next to a bottle of the olive oil we used. I told them that they could make it themselves using the ingredients in front of them. Most of them declined to make the salad because they did not know how to cook.

HOW TO COOK?!?!?!?!? There is no cooking involved. There's some can opening. Some mixing. There's also some tasting and seasoning. But true cooking? Not so much. How can anyone not know how to throw a bunch of things together to make a meal? You claim that you love food but you have no fucking idea as to how to put food together? How do you fucking survive since you can't think enough to add?

My friend Samara said that most people have no idea when it comes to food. I told her that it irks me that people say they love to eat. No you don't. Eating involves having some interest in the food you put in your system. You don't even know where half that stuff comes from or how it is produced. You love to consume. But you don't love to eat.

Since I do teach some cooking classes, I often wonder what people expect by coming to these classes. There is a very large percentage of attendees that have little to no experience in a kitchen. And by that I mean, their home kitchens. I sometimes look at the recipes we are going to prepare and second-guess myself because of their simplicity. Then, I remember that some of these people can barely open a can. I wonder if they will go home and even try to prepare the recipes they received. Or if they just came for what is being termed "edutainment".

How can anyone get by in life without ever having to cook a meal. Warming up prepared foods does not count. I mean cook a meal from "raw" ingredients. I stare at these people who openly say that to me sometimes and wonder how exactly they plan on living the rest of their lives. Are you going to constantly order in? Are you hoping that you meet a partner who knows how to cook? How does it work? I wonder.

I think cooking is so simple and visceral. You have to eat to survive. In order to eat, you have to prepare food. How can you not know anything about food preparation? And claim that you love food? You don't. You love consuming. You have no idea about food. As a matter of fact, you are kind of a food idiot. Maybe not. Maybe just an idiot. Later.
It looks like a few things have been going on with you lately what with the new job. I so hope it goes well for you.

I know what you mean about people who can't (or won't) cook. I think it's more about laziness than not knowing how to cook. People will say no time to cook because i have a busy work schedule or i've got to look after the kids or do the shopping etc....rubbish. Our lives are far less busier than they were 50 years ago (ie longer working weeks and they had fewer cars to zip from A to B) and yet more people prepared their own food then. Food isnt a thing that inspires me as such but even i like to rub a few herbs together with some olive oil and try the taste that suits me....AND no mass produced stuff ever tastes better than when you produce it yourself dont you agree?

Tim, all is good with me here in NZ. The winter months are with us now so it's cooling down but all is fine. I hope you are well and we both often talk about you and wonder how you are. You definitely symbolise New York for both of us and in a good way. I hope you are having a good memorial day.

Did you know Tcho (a fellow NY blogger) is coming to NZ in 2008? Apparently United Airlines are having specials on. I often wonder how New Yorkers will find the much quieter New Zealand.

Oh, and if you have got any good New York recipes that are simple and easy to do, do drop me a line with them and i'll give them a go.

Kev in NZ
omg, i completely know what you mean. I met a guy once for a date, and he told me he abhored cooking. He was very vehement about it. And i was like, "dude, chill. We're at a restaurant, aren't we. You don't have to cook our dinner."

On a related note, I get really impatient with picky eaters too.
Hey Kevin and Terrence, I want to come to NZ. Definitely a goal in the next three years.

Yes, I do start my new job on Monday. Same company. Different position. Slight promotion. More money. It's all good. Plus my current position leaves something to be desired. I'll leave it at that.
oh congrats on the new job!

yes, we should definitely meet! i have to visit the new Whole Foods anyway. :-) i'm getting tired of columbus circle. Lol.
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